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It’s May First today! And you all know what THAT means…

Celebrate Spring with this video I done found on YouTube of some guys performing Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May” in ASL. Enjoy.

~ Ian


Friend of Axolotl Ceviche Blake Hihara sent me a youtube video of this guy.

It’s kind of cool and freaky seeing this guy. Because he looks EXACTLY LIKE ME.

It’s seriously weird.

I will demonstrate:

If your headphones aren't keeping your ears warm, THEY AREN'T MANLY ENOUGH. (Also, weird faces are fun.)

If your headphones aren’t keeping your ears warm, THEY AREN’T MANLY ENOUGH.
(Also, weird faces are fun.)

Basically, what this means is this: there is some alternate, less-handsome version of me out there who is better at singing than me. Which means that we should probably never meet. For, you see, this man must be the anti-Me, and should we come into contact, we will undergo electron-positron annihilation, presumably blowing up the earth.

Or he is a clone. Or I’m his clone.

In any case: Things.

~ Ian



It’s been going through my head for the last week, so here’s the Nations of the World song by the Animaniacs:


~ Ian

“No One Knows”, Queens of the Stone Age (2002)

…but I had to make an exception for this.

I like that there is a distinction between “Joe” and “Codfish Joe”. And that there’s a person known as Bob the Human.

Now, I’m off to go LOCO CRAZY.

~ Ian

And here is his explanation why, filmed in GLORIOUS YOUTUBE-O-VISION:

Ah, the writer’s life.

It just goes to inspire me: someday, if I work hard enough and hone my craft, I too can be covered in frosting on Neil Gaiman’s front lawn.

Big dreams, Ian, big dreams…

~ Ian