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Could it possibly be that His penis got diseases from a Chumash tribe is the greatest line in the history of musical theater?

Think about it.

~ Ian

(Joss Whedon, et al., “Walk Through the Fire”)


It’s May First today! And you all know what THAT means…

Celebrate Spring with this video I done found on YouTube of some guys performing Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May” in ASL. Enjoy.

~ Ian

Friend of Axolotl Ceviche Blake Hihara sent me a youtube video of this guy.

It’s kind of cool and freaky seeing this guy. Because he looks EXACTLY LIKE ME.

It’s seriously weird.

I will demonstrate:

If your headphones aren't keeping your ears warm, THEY AREN'T MANLY ENOUGH. (Also, weird faces are fun.)

If your headphones aren’t keeping your ears warm, THEY AREN’T MANLY ENOUGH.
(Also, weird faces are fun.)

Basically, what this means is this: there is some alternate, less-handsome version of me out there who is better at singing than me. Which means that we should probably never meet. For, you see, this man must be the anti-Me, and should we come into contact, we will undergo electron-positron annihilation, presumably blowing up the earth.

Or he is a clone. Or I’m his clone.

In any case: Things.

~ Ian




So. I thought that I’d talk to you guys some about what’s been going on with my book.

Or, rather, books. Because I have two of them now.

That’s right. I’m working the first draft of a second novel, entitled Daughter of Flame, which is the book that I mentioned in this post. It’s a YA fantasy novel set in sort of semi-quasi-modern times. It’s basically the story of Fiona Lyesmith (American Gods reference intentional), who is the half-mortal bastard daughter of Loki. It’s got a lot of stuff in it. I’m only at the beginning now, but I’m planning on including lots and lots of things: Kitsune assassins, and elves, and dungeon crawling, and chaos magick, and the Fates, and flying goats, and all kinds of other awesome stuff.

And there’s music. Fiona Lyesmith is a singer, and music is a key part of her life, just like writing is a key part of mine. So I’ve sprinkled liberal references to Fiona’s favorite bands throughout the book, which include some of my favorites as well. Of course, I’m not a musician, so I’m mostly making stuff up here, but in the case of fiction, verisimilitude beats realism nearly every time. Besides, I feel like all creative people have the same feelings about their work, whether they’re writers or musicians, game designers or bakers.

In any case: Daughter of Flame is coming along. I’m still at the stage where I’m getting to know the characters, but I like them, and I’m getting to know them better. The novel is YA (young adult), so I have to have a different mindset when it comes to writing it. I’m not as comfortable with including explicit violence or sexual content as I am with some of my other work. In addition, I can’t swear, which feels kind of uncomfortable. I’m a sailor-mouth. I prefer it when I’m able to cuss. The fact that I’m pretty much reduced to using “crap” and “damn” when it comes to swearing feels like a weight around my neck sometimes. (Even so, I’ve kind of fallen in love with the phrase “Jesus Christ on a stick!” which my characters use, and which I’ve found myself saying sometimes.

I’ve also come to realize that Daughter of Flame is sharply different from most YA these days, which I dignify with the term “smoldering magical teen boy with abs abstinence porn”, or SMTBWAAP, for short. (It’s pronounced sumtubwhap, so you know.) You know the kind. It’s the kind of chaste paranormal high-school romance that has been burning up the charts because of Twilight and its ilk. Daughter of Flame is not that. It’s kind of the opposite. It’s heavy-action, slightly intellectual mythological portal fantasy with a kickass soundtrack. I could never imagine Fiona Lyesmith listening to Linkin Park, Maroon 5, or Justin Bieber. She likes to rock out to Lacuna Coil blasting a hole through her eardrums. If she met Justin Bieber, she’d probably pants him.

So, yes. Good music, Norse gods, and cool characters: that’s how I think of Daughter of Flame.

As for Baby #1? It’s coming along nicely. I’ve written six chapters of Draft 2, with a total wordcount of around 25,000 words (basically, this means that it’s a fifth of the length of d1). I’m not looking forward to the massive cuts that I’m going to have to make. I’m probably going to have to get rid of around 50,000 words before I sent Lotus out to agents and publishers. Line edits won’t be enough. I’m going to have to cut whole scenes. Which is bad, because I love what I’ve written. I love the characters and the world that I’ve created. It’s going to be hard to lose some of that.

Oh well. I can put some of the deleted scenes up on Axolotl Ceviche when that happens. (By the way, this summer I’m probably going to migrate everything over to, which I own. Just a heads up.) There’s a lot of work to be done before Lotus is going to be of publication quality, but I can get it done. Finishing d1 has given me a huge burst of confidence when it comes to writing.

Speaking of which: Remember “Cassandra”, that story I wrote WAY back in April of 2012? Well, it’s going to be a screenplay.

More on that soon.

~ Ian



  1.  “Pull Me Under”, Dream Theater
  2. ‘Wish You Were Here”, Pink Floyd
  3. “Have a Cigar”, Pink Floyd
  4. “Knights of Cydonia”, Muse
  5. “Pigs (Three Different Ones), Pink Floyd
  6. “Welcome to the Machine”, Pink Floyd
  7. “Under a Glass Moon”, Dream Theater
  8. “Starlight”, Muse
  9. “Money”, Pink Floyd
  10. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)”, Pink Floyd
  11. “Another Day”, Dream Theater
  12. “Take the Time”, Dream Theater
  13. “Dogs”, Pink Floyd
  14. “Sheep”, Pink Floyd
  15. “Echoes”, Pink Floyd
  16. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (Parts VI-IX), Pink Floyd
  17. “Supermassive Black Hole”, Muse
  18. “Surrounded”, Dream Theater
  19. “Take a Bow”, Muse
  20. “City of Delusion”, Muse
  21. “One of These Days”, Pink Floyd
  22. “Pigs on the Wing (Part One)”, Pink Floyd
  23. “Stylo” (feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack)”, Gorillaz
  24. “Code Monkey”, Jonathan Coulton
  25. “Skullcrusher Mountain”, Jonathan Coulton

Actually, my musical tastes are broader than this list seems to indicate. I just like to listen to Pink Floyd.

A lot.

~ Ian

So, after I turned in my Phonology final today, I headed to the Stevenson coffee shop to take a nap, as is my wont.

I dozed off for about fifteen minutes. When I woke up, the coffee shop was playing a Pandora station that was basically a Top 40 station– if the year were 1998. They had it all– Destiny’s Child, Chumbawumba, Britney Spears, and other spectacular examples of late-nineties badness.

For a moment, I panicked. My mind was not making of the thinkings particularly well (I repeat: I’d just woken up), and because of that, I thought that I had spontaneously traveled through time fifteen years into the past. 

I turned to a nearby citizen, and trying not to sound too crazy, I cried, “wHAt yEar iS It?????” So, I pretty much failed spectacularly.

She gave me a puzzled look. “2013,” she said.

“Oh,” I replied. “Good.”

Satisfied that I had not gone all Billy Pilgrim, I went back to sleep, where I had a dream in which the full lineups of N*Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and One Direction did the Gangnam Style dance to Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”.

Pity me, netizens, for I have seen the true face of horror.

I’ma go soak my brain in shoegazer and alt metal to get the stains out.

~ Ian

Are the Foo Fighters so named because they fight using foo as weapons, or are they engaged in a constant struggle against foo?

~ Ian

So, after resisting it for about a year, I’ve finally decided to get a tumblr.

This is something that I’ve been thinking of doing for a while, now. I guess you could call it “Ian jumping forward into a blog type that is used by people under the age of 30”, if you were feeling cynical. Not that there’s anything wrong with WordPress– it just didn’t seem suited for what I wanted to do with Blog #2.

So, what did I want to do with the new blog? Well, I’ve always kind of fantasized about being a radio DJ/podcaster/vlogger-type person, and while I don’t have the training required to be a DJ, or the time to really maintain a podcast or a vlog, I still wanted to do something that would:

1. allow me to share some of my favorite music with the world, and

2. not take a lot of effort.

So, I decided: what takes less effort than taking a song posted on YouTube and reblogging it on Tumblr?


That’s what 24-Hour Nothing Hour is about. It’s sort of my own personal radio station, where I can post the music that I like, and maybe share introduce some people to that music. I’m going to be trying to update it daily, and if you want, you can request a song from the DJ (that is, me).

Be aware, though, that 24-Hour Nothing Hour is not Axolotl Ceviche. I’m very public about who I am on Axolotl Ceviche, for one thing, and I think you all have a pretty good idea of who I am and what I’m doing with my life based on this. 24-Hour Nothing Hour is different. I won’t be talking about myself on there. I won’t be sharing my thoughts on things, or stuff that happened in my day-to-day life, or any of my writing. That’s not what 24-Hour Nothing Hour is about. It’s not about me, but the incredible music, and I’m going to reflect that in the writing style that I use there. I tend to be snarky and rambly on Axolotl Ceviche. On 24-Hour Nothing Hour, I’m going to be much more terse and laconic, reflecting the more anonymized style that I’m going to be using there.

Axolotl Ceviche’s not going anywhere, of course. Axolotl Ceviche and 24-Hour Nothing Hour are both two very different side projects, and it wouldn’t make sense for me to turn one into the other. If anything, I’ll probably be posting fewer YouTube videos of songs and things on Axolotl Ceviche. I got pretty annoyed with myself for doing that over the last few months, because it felt like I wasn’t saying anything. So now, I can just post those videos to 24-Hour Nothing Hour, where I don’t have to say anything. Because, after all, that’s not the point.

Go and check it out if you like. I’ve already posted a song there (The Stone Roses’ “I Wanna Be Adored”), and there’s probably going to be many more coming.

In any case, it’s a new thing. And new things are important, if you want to live an interesting life.

~ Ian

Can’t sleep.

Browsing internet.

Come across this.


I have a happy.

~ Ian

(Joss Whedon: “Ballad of Serenity”)