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…there’s a new season of The Guild happening. And it’s awesome.

You should go check it out.

I’ll be here if you need me.

~ Ian


It’s probably no surprise that I’m a big fan of Felicia Day.

For one thing, I’ve already said that my favorite writers are those who do a lot of different things. And Felicia does a LOT of things. She’s an actress, a writer of both web videos and comics, a gamer, a producer… and she’s a pretty good singer, too.

So when I discovered that she was starting a new YouTube channel called Geek & Sundry, I will admit: it made me almost excited enough to pee.

The first two shows, the Flog and Tabletop, debuted today. The Flog is Felicia’s video blog, where she basically does whatever she feels like that week. Tabletop, on the other hand, is a show hosted by Wil Wheaton, dedicated to showing people the fun and togetherness that can be had by playing tabletop games.

I’m hugely excited for all the rest of the shows on Geek & Sundry too, especially Paul and Storm‘s show (which won’t be debuting* until the fall), which is entitled LEARNING TOWN. It is, from the description, a show that involves Paul and Storm creating a TV show that’s a bit like a modern-day version of Schoolhouse Rock.


I’m also waiting with eager anticipation for Sword and Laser, which is a new video version of Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt’s podcast on SF and fantasy books. While I love movies and TV and games and all that fun goodness, I’m always glad to see fiction getting a place in the spotlight– mainly because most of my story consumption is prose fiction.

Plus, the first book that Veronica and Tom are going to be reviewing on the show is Lev Grossman’s The Magicians.

I’ll be honest: I squealed a little bit when I heard that.

It was very manly.

Anyway, Geek & Sundry. Check it out, mainly because it’s awesome.

Do it.


~ Ian

* I’ll be honest: this word is a little weird to me. It looks kind of like “de-butting” to me. As in to take off someone’s butt.**

** Apparently I stopped maturing at age eleven.***

*** Heh heh heh… “butt”.