Hi, I’m Ian, and this is my blog.

If you’re here, then you probably know me somehow. But if you haven’t, here’s some information about me.

As of this writing (May 21, 2012) I’m a college student at the University of California at Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs). I’m majoring in Linguistics, and minoring in History. However, I’m mainly interested in writing. I’ve been writing fiction (most of it pretty terrible) since I was eleven, and I finished the first draft of my first novel when I was thirteen. (No, you can’t read it. I will not permit it.)

Most of my writing fits into the general genre of fantasy/science fiction/horror, but since I mainly write what I want, if I wanted to write something outside the genre, I would. I also love SF and fantasy TV shows, graphic novels, video games, and all sorts of other things. I consider myself a geek, and if you look through the archives of Axolotl Ceviche, then you can see that my geekery is so profound, it is palpable.

I started this blog early in 2012, mainly because I wanted a place to be a compendium of my writings, and a location that I could have on the internet that I controlled completely. Someday I’d like to be a published author, but that’s a while off. In the meantime, welcome. Feel free to take a look around, pour yourself a drink at the minibar and FOR CROM’S SAKE don’t look in the basement. Seriously. You’ll go crazy.

~ Ian

  1. Steacie Brightman says:

    Your randomness is so profound! I am ever in wonder at your complete break with the mainstream and your journey to relative madness via sanity. It is epic! I will be a frequent visitor to your blog and I can only hope that I too will some day have something of interest to say to the world besides, “Please, don’t send me to Orange County!”

  2. Hey there, I have no idea if you’re still active on this but I’ll try anyway.
    You may remember me, we had a brief conversation on one of your posts about mental health. I’ve just put up a blog called “The Week Things Fell Apart…” here:
    And thought you may find it interesting.
    I hope you’re well, and that your writing is flying.

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