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Well, this post might be a day late, but we’ve got a new Pope.

I say “we”, but I mean “Catholics”. Since I am a heathen, I do not care for such things.

However! According to the Prophecy of Popes, supposedly written by St. Malachy in the 11th century, there will be 112 Popes between the days of St. Malachy and the Apocalypse.

New Pope McPoperson (also known as Frankie G) is the 112th pope since then.

You know what that means:


Of course, we could have another false alarm, like in 2012. And 2011. And pretty much every year before that.

In which case, the Prophecy of Popes must just be another…

inscrutableprophecy…Why yes. I do have fun amusing myself.

~ Ian

PS. In case you didn’t waste your youth looking at terrible internet memes, then the title comes from the hilarious “End of Ze World” video.

I’m gonna mosey off now. There’s a badger, a mushroom, and a snake that demand my attention.




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