A Link to the Past (specifically, military history)

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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In my high school years, I was really into swordplay. I studied European broadsword for three years, got pretty good at it, then decided that if I wanted to get any better, that it would probably take up too much of my life, so I stopped. (Well, there’s that, and there’s the fact that my instructor kind of got mad at me for being bigger than anyone else in the class.)

In any case, here’s a cool thing for you to look at. Wizards of the Coast has put a quiz up online to test your polearm identification. Can you tell the difference between a glaive, a glaive-guisarme, a guisarme, a glaive-voulge, a voulge-guisarme, and a voulge? Do you know your Bohemian Ear-Spoon from your bec-de-corbin, and your lochabar axes from your lucerne hammers? Well, if you want to test your knowledge of incredibly obscure weapons that basically add up to being all blades on long sticks, then check it out.

I scored 13 out of 22 and received a ranking of “Swashbuckler”, which I was pleasantly surprised at. See if you can’t beat it!

~ Ian


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