on the subject of manginas

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It seems that the band of misogynistic trolls that roam the internet have found a new word to dismiss any male who does not share their belief that women are only good for making meals and sexing them up. They accuse them of having a “mangina”. Which is a not-very-clever portmanteau of “man” and “vagina”, as I’m sure you can guess.

The question I have to ask is: why this term? Obviously it makes them feel clever and witty, because as we all know, insults = debating prowess on the internet. But the whole problem with the term is, simply, the targets of the insult don’t find it insulting. Why would they, after all? If you don’t believe that it’s shameful or demeaning to have a vagina, then why would accusing someone of having one be shameful or demeaning?

The trolls are not well known for their logic or creativity, but if I may, I suggest a new insult for them that’s far more clever than accusing someone of having a vagina. It is: “Cromulent Shitwaffle”. No, it doesn’t make sense. But at least if you use it, then you’ll find that you might actually insult someone, rather than just leaving them shaking their heads and sighing.

~ Ian

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