tell them i ain’t comin’ back

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Can’t sleep.

Browsing internet.

Come across this.


I have a happy.

~ Ian

(Joss Whedon: “Ballad of Serenity”)

  1. Steacie Brightman says:

    Have you ever thought
    when a hearse went by
    that YOU might be the next to die?
    They put you in a big white box
    and cover you over with dirt and rocks.
    Little green worms with BIG green eyes
    crawl in your liver and out your eyes.
    The worms crawl in
    the worms crawl out,
    the worms play pinocle
    on your snout.

    Worked when I was a kid. S.

    • Ian Johnson says:

      I know, I know the sun is hot
      Mosquitos come, suck your blood
      And leave you there all alone
      Just skin and bone

      When you walk among the trees
      Listening to the leaves
      The further I go, the less I know
      The less I know

      Where will you run?
      Where will you hide?
      To paralyze

      (Queens of the Stone Age, “Mosquito Song”)

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