because it is wintertime, here is a poem about winter for your evening delectation

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This is the time of the long shadows. 

The earth slumbers, tucked beneath a white blanket,

all noise muffled and muted, softened by snow,

and the days have become short. Light lasts little,

and the nights are long and dark as velvet.

The sun barely shows its face, peeking above the horizon

for barely four hours at a time, then it leaves us,

leaving the earth in shadow once more.


This is a time of ice.

It is a time when white rime beards the branches of trees

and the frozen lakes shine silver in the light of the moon.


This is a time of stories.

For in the long nights, what else is there to do

but tell beautiful lies.


This is a time of hunger,

of fattened animals sleeping away in caves,

when no grain ripens and no fruit swells.


This is a time of beauty,

when all the colors are taken away from the world

and there is nothing but black and white,

like calligraphed ink and paper.


And all the while, through the time of long shadows

the earth slumbers, snug beneath its quilt of white

while beneath it life waits, wide-eyed and wondering,

waiting for flowers to blossom and green sap to flow.

The earth turns on, and all the world holds its breath,

no voice sounding, no sleep disturbed,

rolling ever onward through space,

dreaming of spring.


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