And Now, In A Shocking Turn of Events Many Of You Have Probably Guessed, The Author of The Epic Legend of Damien Fell Is Revealed!

Posted: September 24, 2012 in The Epic Legend of Damien Fell
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Now, I’m sure that most of you probably guessed this by now. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of you knew. But I have had people ask if I actually wrote tELoDF, or if it was written by some other, mysterious author.

Well, in fact, I wrote it. Me. For my own amusement, and (I suppose) for the amusement of others. Maybe. If you like fantasy novellas of such consummate badness that they made me throw up a little when I was writing them.

(I’m not kidding. There were times that I vurped* a little.)

Want to know the weird thing about tELoDF, though? When I wrote the worst fantasy story I could think of, it came out a lot like the terrible sword-and-sorcery stories that I wrote when I was in eleventh or twelfth grade. The huge, dark, silent assassin protagonist, the demon-infested multiverse, the focus on strange and exotic magics, the fight-scenes, the obsession with boobs and tits… it’s all there. Granted, I exaggerated some of the badness for comic effect. But not by much.

Maybe someday I’ll post some of the terrible bullshit that came out of my mind in the early years. In fact, there’s a story fragment that I wrote a long time ago that has a character who’s basically a proto-Damien Fell.

I think I’ll show that to you guys soon. Yes. I will debase myself for your amusement.

That’s really the story of Axolotl Ceviche, isn’t it?

~ Ian

* It’s a combination of vomit and burp. And yes, it is a real word.




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