Creative Writing Wednesday: “The Epic Legend of Damien Fell”, Part 5

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Creative Writing Wednesday, The Epic Legend of Damien Fell

So, I was walking downtown when a homeless guy came up to me.

“Some kid over there wanted you to have this,” he said, giving me a sheaf of papers. And he pointed back over his shoulder, where a young teen in a hoodie and gas mask peeked out at me from an alley.

“Great. Did he tell you not to read it, in fear that you might steal his awesome ideas?”

“Naw. I can’t read, y’see.”


“So… y’got any meth?”

After telling the homeless guy that the kid in the gas mask over there had meth for him, I examined the papers, and saw a Post-it Note affixed to the front.

It said:


My stupid mom said that my stupid little brother had to help me with this chapter. She says that it’s nice to share, and so she made me collaborate. And now I have to give him half the money for the story, because he’s a collaborator. 

Please don’t put the part my brother wrote on your blog. It sucks. You’ll be able to tell which part it is by the fact that you’ll get to the part that starts sucking.


I read the story, and honestly, I decided not to change anything. Our mysterious author’s little brother is a brilliant writer, honestly. I see Pulitzers in his future.

Anyway, here’s Chapter 5.

~ Ian


The Epic Legend of Damien Fell

Chapter Five: Shrouded in Shadow

As morning fell over the foggy shrouded mists of the northlands, Princess Amberlae and Damien Fell came to a secluded valley. A churning, boiling watterfall spewed over the granite rocks in the north end of the valley, and the smell of sulfer came form a crack in the rock. Huge statues guarded the exit to the valley, towering sentinels of stone carved from the living white rock. As Amberlae came to the valley, she could feel Power humming in her very bones. This was a place of great Magycke, she knew that, a place where the earth itself concentrated into a nexus of energy.

Around her waist were the powerful, solid muscular arms of Damien Fell. She found herself wondering at their toch. The feel of his hot humid breath on the back of her smooth alabaster neck was strangely arousing, filling her with a heretofore unfelt mixture of love and dread. This man– Damien Fell, a demonic, angelic assassin straight out of legend– made her feel things she’d never felt before. Amberlae simultaniously wanted to run and scream from him, and also to wrap her arms and legs around him and feel the power of his warm love flow through her. She was conflicted. She was a child of Lyghte, a daughter of humans and wood aelves, but at the same time she was drawn to the Shadouwe that was Damien Fell.

What is happening to me? Princess Amberlae asked herself. Am I becoming evil?

Damien Fell rained his horse to a stop, and helped Amberlae dismount. “Here is a good place to camp, he said.

“Why are we stopping?” asked Amberlae. “There are still many more hours of daylight left to go!”

“We assassins draw our power from the darkness,” Fell said. “We do not walk in the light. We are shadow-walkers, night-prowlers. I don’t like the daytime. Darkness is my preferred time.”

“Are you trying to convert me to the Darkness?” asked Amberlae snappishly. “Is that what you want? Well I’m a Princess of Karass Mor, you know, and I will not be sueded to the side of Darkness.”

“I do not wish to convert you to anything,” said Damien Fell.

“Well then, what purpose do you have in bringing me here?”

He turned to her, and his eyes flashed like obsidian reflecting firelight. He stroked her cheek, gently, almost tenderly, and murmured in a soft voice, “My purpose is my own”. Amberlae could feel the wave of mysterious fear and longing go through her body.

“So do you want me, then, is it?” asked Amberlae. “You want my body, do you not! You want to possess me, don’t you?”

heck no, said damian fell. im not going to tocuh u u stinky girl. girls are gross and stinky. i dont want to be nere you.


youre a stupid ulgy girl said dammein fell, and i dont want to see you ever again.

so he druwe his long sorde and he stabbed the icky girl prinsese thru teh stummik with the sorde and she was like AAAA U KLILED ME and then she fell down and their was blode evriwear. IM DED NOW ARE YOU HPAPPEY WITH YURSELD she yelled and daimin fel sed go dye in a poop mine you dumb poopy girl.


damian fell sead okay let me just get my ligthsabere. so he toke his sorde and broak it in haff and then litt the broakin haff on fier with som magic. so the fier burnd and daimn fell sed okay now tihs sord is a laitsabur and he jumpd on opitmus prims back and they flow into oater spase.

ther were all these wairwolfs in cibertron and they were all took ovre the hole place, so damiun fil drouw his sord wich was atchully a litesabrr now like i just told u abote. so then their was a big fite and optimos pryme had tow ligthsabers and they fot all the werwolfs. damin fel killd ten milion weirwolffs andoptmus prime kiled five milion. then ther was a wairwofl boss who was the knig of all warewolfs and he yeled I AM THE MOST POWRFULL OF ALL WAERWULBFS AND YOU CANOT DIFET ME. but daimiun  fall was triky and said we need bakkup! and he yeled so loud taht all the poepl in the yunivruse culd here him.

and al these peple shoud up it was like the’re was darth vader and he brout with him ROBOT HAN SOLO whou was like han solo only he was a robto. and then mario waz their an aslo ash wiht all his pokimans and i think so was sord man form the lords of the rigns. and also ange from avatar came and their was prinse zuko and uncel airo and thay were a teme and did ausom fierbendng. and thear was aslo a JIGANTICK TIRANOSOROS REX woh was being riding by wolferin and spidrmane and the trex cloud brethe fier and also asid and his naim  was FIER PUNCH. and their was a bunche of othre gais and also their was ranebou dash from the my litel ponies shou onley she got kiled bacouase she was a gurl an d gurls cante figth.

so then thwy had the ULTIMUTE BATELL and the bose gote his hedd cout of by daaimn flle and thay thru the hed into a jiunt rivre of poop and pee so that the mots pworefol warwollf couldent com back too liffe. so then their was a big feast in cyebrtorn and their was drath vaidr and robot hna solo and then their was also ash adn the pokamon and sord man and ang and zuo and airo and wulverene and spairdman and FIER PUNCH. and thay all aet roste warewulf and also ranebow dach. and potimus preme was so hapey with daimen fell that he lete him be KIGN OF CIBRETORN and wiht an armey of tarnsfromers damine fall conkered the hole yunivrese. and he livde hapiley evre aftur.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Princess Amberlae awoke to see the firelight flickering on the rocks and boulders of the deep valley in which they were encamped. “What a strange dream!” she murmured to herself. “I wonder what it could mean?”

A voice spoke from behind her, deep and resonant. SHe could feel it vibrate in every corner of her being.

“There are many strange things that will happen in the coming weeks, princess,” said Damien Fell. She turned to him, and saw him sitting with his back to her, gazing into the valley, staring at the waterfall. His greatsword Stormshadow was laid on his knees, and he was sharpening with a whetstone.

“What do you mean?” asked Amberlae. She wanted to stand up and see his face, but it was turned from her, and their was a strange, sad tenor to his voice.

“I fear that the death of Lord Hateshadowe was merely the beginning of our troubles,” Damien fell said darkly. “I worry that forever Chaos will fall over the kingdoms of Evershyria, unless I succeed.” And his voice was sad, and weary: the voice of one who has spent long years wandering, and may neevr know rest.

“What is your worry?” asked Amberlae, and she wad filled up with a strange mixture of longing and tenderness for this dark shadowy figure who came up out of legend to rescure her.

There was a long pause, a pregnant pause, so pregnant it was already halfway through its third trimester. Finally the shadowy assassin said, “There is an ancient prophecy… a prophecy of the merging of Lyghte and Shadouwe, of the birth of a child who walks in both the darkness and lyghte, who will unite the cosmos and bring balance to this deadly and choatic universe forever……..”

“Is tha tnot you, assassin? asked Amberlae. “Because I heard a legend that said that you were born of an angelic warrior and a succubus. That you were raised in Hell, and that you were expelled from the infernal realms at the age of twelve, forced to make your life in the mortal realm.”

“That story is true,” said Damien Fell in what was barely a rasping whispre. And Amberlae felt a chill run through the core of her being as she understood that she spoke with a man who had lived in Hell.

“But… aren’t you the fullfillment of that prophecy, then?” asked Amberlae.

“I am not,” said Damien Fell. “For that prophecy states that the child must be born a mortal. I am immortal. I cannot die.” He hung his head, sadly. “That is both my blessing and my bane.”

Amberlae rose from her sleepingbag and came to Damien Fell, putting one arm around him. She was surprised to see tears running down his scarred, tanned cheeks— but his tears were not salt water, but blood.

“What was it like?” asked Amberlae. “In hell.”

Damien Fell shook his head. “It was warm,” he said. “And it stunck. There was always fire, and lava, and everywhere the smell of brimstone.” He turned to her, and she felt that strange thrilling deep within her womb as she gazed into his beautiful obsidien-black eyes.

“I came into this world, five hundred years ago, in the depths of winter,” he said. “I’d never felt so cold. I wanted to go home, back to my mother, back to my friends. I was all alone.” And he gazed deep into Amberlae’s eyes. She felt hypnotized by the assassin’s gaze, and she could do nothing but state into his infinitely deep eyes

“But the mortal realm has its benifits,” he said, and all his attention was focused on her.

She felt drawn into Damien Fel’’s eyes, and felt herself being pulled closer and closer to him, as if drawn by a magnet. She felt his breath against her skin, and closed her eyes, wanting to feel his sweet lips against hers…

But no kiss came.

“Come,” said damien Fell. “We must go. I’ve wasted enough time here in this valley.”

“Where are we going?” asked Princess Amberlae.

Damien sheathed his sword. “To the Womb of Shadow and Light.”


A blonde-haired man astride a supple white stallion rode to the ruins of a mountain of ice and stone. He dismounted, and sniffed the air. “Amberlae,” he murmured. Then he examined the ground. The hoofprints of another horse– heading south, he surmised, and at quite a rapid pace.

“So they went south…” he said. Then he lifted his helmet.

“Amberlae, my love,” said Prince Travyss. “I will find you.”

And his eyes narrowed. “And I’ll kill the man who stole you from me.”



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