I think we should introduce ourselves…

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So I came here after my last final today, and this is basically what went through my head:

Ian: I must check the stats on my blog! Because, after all, I need numbers to be validated…

Ian: *sound of jaw hitting floor*


Once my brain had recovered enough from the shock of seeing the site views…

Okay. Hold on. Some context here.

Today, my blog has had 4,964 hits. And it’s still climbing.

To put this in context, my blog has had more hits in the past TWELVE HOURS than it ever had prior to today.

I am astonished. No– I’m even more than that. I am astonishment. Personified.

There’s a simple reason for this spike. Remember those dumb lolcats that I made of Pat Rothfuss? Well, I sent him a link to them back in April, shortly after I made them.

Apparently he liked them.

Enough to link them on his blog.

I was aware that Pat had fans. However, I wasn’t aware that he had that many people reading his blog.

So that’s what happened.

Again, I’m still kind of in shock here.

Oh, look. We’re at 4,982 views now.

I don’t expect many of you who came here because Pat linked you to my lame blog to stay around. But if you do (and I really encourage you to), then here’s what you should know:

Hi, I’m Ian Johnson. I live in Santa Cruz, California. I’m a linguistics student, an aspiring writer, and a connoisseur of various fried invertebrates.

That’s all you need to know.

Welcome to my blog.

~ Ian

PS: 4,996 views now…


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