An Actual Conversation I Had (Edited)

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Compatriot 1: Did you know particular authors publish yarns that avoid a particular conspicous orthographic symbol?

Compatriot 2: I did. Such a task is difficult, as abnormal word formations form as a continuation of this.

Compatriot 1: No doubt.

Yours Truly: That symbol said authors avoid– it is fifth in our script?

Compatriot 1: Sí, amigo.

Yours Truly: It would possibly boost said author’s story difficulty to avoid an “a” or an “i”, no?

Compatriot 2: Why do you say such things?

Yours Truly: Our fifth orthographic symbol is most common, although tiny words such as “a”, “I”, “is”, and “it” contain such symbols as told of by yours truly.

Compatriot 1: Ah, but small words such as that infamous copula form for “you”, plus that annoying “known journalistic tidbit”, contain that fifth orthographic symbol.

Yours Truly: Hmm. It looks as if writing such a story is an act in futility and blowharddom. I will stick with SFF.

Compatriot 2: Naturally.

Thus our talkings finish’d.

Yours Truly,

~ Ian


  1. Ian Johnson says:

    Okay, I have to ask– can ANYONE understand what I just wrote?

  2. Writing stories that lack “e”?

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