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…Why yes. In case you were wondering, I did turn Patrick Rothfuss into a lolcat.

I am just as shocked and horrified at myself as the rest of you are.


(The technical term for pictures of this sort is called a lolpat, by the way.)


And finally, because I am a Browncoat until death, here’s a picture of Pat’s son with a 100% genuine Grade-A Firefly quote below it…



Either I am a genius or I am completely insane.

In any case, I think we all win in the end.

~ Ian

  1. […] a similar vein, someone sent me a link to a blog appropriately titled “My God What Horrors have I wrought?” A blog in which they take several pictures of me and… well… lolcat […]

  2. Awesome! Pat you rule.

    If you all want more Epic Fantasy click the link!

  3. Russ Nickel says:

    This is fantastic. Great work Ian!

  4. […] a simple reason for this spike. Remember those dumb lolcats that I made of Pat Rothfuss? Well, I sent him a link to them back in April, shortly after I made […]

  5. kristyrennt says:

    That is awesome!

  6. Followed the link from Pat’s blog to here… definitely worth it. These are fantastic.

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