Because It Rained Today, Here Are Nineteen Random Thoughts About Rain And Raining

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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  • You can always tell who the kids from Southern California are at UCSC because when it rains even the slightest amount, they break out the full-body protective gear and the giant umbrellas. It’s as if people from Los Angeles are witches, and they worry about even the merest drizzle touching their peroxide-blonde heads, less it cause them to dissolve.
  • When it rains, earthworms come out of the ground and ooze through puddles and across sidewalks. I like worms. They’re cool, and it’s interesting to watch them move.
  • Other people do not like earthworms as much as I do.
  • One thing that I seriously regret about not being able to smell is the fact that I can’t smell what the ground smells like after it rains. There are other regrets, too, such as the fact that I’ll never smell the scent of a beautiful woman’s skin, or the fact that when I get stinky, I tend to get a hobo smell to go with my generally Vagrant-American appearance– AND I CAN’T TELL WHEN I SMELL BAD.
  • Why is the sound of rain seemingly universally soothing? I get that it’s white noise, but then again, why is white noise soothing? Is it because when we’re in our mothers’ wombs, everything sounds like white noise?
  • Hmm… that’s a good observation. Mental note: write that down.
  • Oh, wait. I just did.
  • Wow. I’m an idiot.
  • I like rain because when it rains here in Santa Cruz, it’s snowing up in the mountains. This means skiing will be good.
  • I couldn’t go skiing this weekend. My dad and Calum and Gabby and Jannek all went up to the mountains, and I stayed home, because they had Lincoln’s birthday off and I didn’t.
  • When I am king of the world, we won’t have just Presidents’ Day off. Instead, each president’s birthday will be a national holiday, and when we pass 366 (or so) presidents, NOBODY WILL EVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN.
  • One of the side effects of my Asperger’s Syndrome is the fact that colors and visual stimuli feel brighter to me, because I have trouble filtering it. I can’t block out excess light– I’m really sensitive to bright or multicolored things. So when it rains, everything becomes muted in tone, and I’m not as easily distracted by shades of gray.
  • Sometimes I wonder if neurotypicals see the world on sunny days the way I see the world on rainy days. That must be why they hate rainy days so much, and I feel soothed and at peace.
  • Are gray and grey different colors?
  • When I’m reading and it’s raining outside, I have a strong desire for a cat to place on my lap and snuggle. Just to keep me warm, and to be a companion while I’m reading.
  • I miss my cats. Yes, they’re right down the street, and I can see them on weekends, but still: I miss them.
  • I can’t think of anything to blog right around now, so I’m just rambling about the rain.
  • I like the rain. Can you tell?


~ Ian

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