How I Spent My Sunday

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I’m back in Santa Cruz. That weekend felt way too short.

Most of my day was spent skiing and ignoring the Super Bowl. I had a great time doing both– it wasn’t too warm, or too cold, and the skies were bluebird clear. I skied with Gabby and Jannek (who were technically on snowboards, but hey, it’s just semantics). We headed over the the back side of the mountain, where there was still some powder after a week of no snow. It felt perfect to speed down a hill, then suddenly hockey-stop and get greeted with a blast of powder straight to the face. That feeling is sweeter than sugar and more refreshing than a mile-tall piña colada, honestly.

Oh. I also fell down once. It was on a very steep part of a run that I hadn’t been on since I was actually, you know, good. The snow was a little too loose and powdery, and as I made a turn, I lost my balance and skidded down about a hundred and fifty feet on my side. (I’m okay– and, honestly, it felt good. I made the fall perfectly, keeping my skis downhill of me at all times, and I was able to get right back up when I came to a stop.)

Honestly, today was the FIRST TIME this season that I got to really do everything I wanted. I got to challenge myself on a couple of runs, but mostly just hung out on the slopes with my family. My goal of being able to go on black diamonds again by the end of the season looks like it’s coming up fast.

Project: Stop Sucking At Skiing Anymore is progressing along nicely.

Anyway, that was my day. And it was a good day.

~ Ian


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