Just out of curiosity…

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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These are the site statistics for axolotlceviche.wordpress.com for the month of January 2012. As you can see, every Wednesday there’s a big spike in hits. That’s Creative Writing Wednesday, in case you didn’t know.

Now, I’m genuinely curious: are people actually coming back for Creative Writing Wednesday? Is there some kind of strange synergy going on here between the date I post my dumb writings and the number of views?

I actually want to hear back from you guys. Apart from the occasional Google image searches for things like “ceviche” and “axolotl” (neither of which this blog is actually about, thank you very much), I see a few people coming back every day. So I want to know: just what the hell draws you to my lame blog, and why?

Gech. I feel a little weird when I realize that there are probably regular readers of Axolotl Ceviche who don’t know me. It’s a mite unsettling.

Can’t stay to talk long. Semantics homework beckons.

~ Ian

  1. BowLowKnee says:

    Nope, not just here for CRW.

  2. BowLowKnee says:


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