Creative Writing Wednesday: “Mute”

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Creative Writing Wednesday
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For those of you who woke up thinking, “Damn, I’d sure love to read a Zelda fanfic poem on some dude’s blog today!”, well, today is your lucky day.

Over the break, I played a LOT of Legend of Zelda. Since I got the most recent installment in the series, Skyward Sword (and I’m loving it), the Legend of Zelda games have been on my mind.

Specifically, the relationship between Link and Zelda.

Their relationship varies from game to game, because Link and Zelda aren’t actually people in the strictest sense. They’re more like Moorcock’s Eternal Champion: two souls that exist throughout the centuries, reincarnated again and again into various bodies, fighting the same fight. Because of this, Link and Zelda have different relationships each time they come into existence.

In Wind Waker, Link and Zelda (or, more accurately, Link and Tetra) had a kind of “bros” relationship. It was totally platonic. In Ocarina of Time, Zelda acted as a mentor to Link, taking the form of Sheik and teaching Adult Link how to play various tunes on the ocarina. In the early Zelda Games, Zelda didn’t do much more than get rescued. In Twilight Princess

Well… I don’t exactly know what Zelda’s role in Twilight Princess was. She was only in the game three times in total.

Let’s just shelf that as a “not applicable”.

In Skyward Sword, though, it’s obvious: Link and Zelda are totally, painfully in love with each other. (That’s not a spoiler, either– it’s obvious by ten minutes into the game). The way that the two of them look at each other– it’s kind of like Link is trying to impregnate Zelda with his mind, and she’s okay with that.

But, you know. In a more tender and E-rated way.

This poem isn’t about the Skyward Sword Link and Zelda, or any other pair of hero and princess you can think of. They’re a Link and Zelda who we’ve never met, whose story hasn’t been told. In my mind, Link is a knight at Hyrule Castle who has an unrequited passion for Zelda. Also, Zelda is a little older than Link in this, by about three or four years. (They’re young adults. I think that in this one Link is about eighteen or nineteen, but I don’t exactly know for sure.) It’s not really about Legend of Zelda, actually, it just uses the tropes from the Zelda games to tell a fundamental story. After all, how many times have you had a crush or been in love with a person, but you couldn’t tell them, for whatever reason?

Anything else…?

OH! The reason why Link is mute in this poem is because Link never speaks in the Zelda games. He’s one of Nintendo’s “silent protagonists”.

And without further ado, here it is:

~ Ian



When I see you

When I look at you

When I try to say your name

No words come out.

When you look at me

You give me that small smile,

All lips, no teeth,

All politeness, no love,

And I know that I’m not really there to you.


You don’t know who I am, really.

I never told you.

(I can’t tell you.)


You glide through the world,

Queen of your domain,

And all your subjects bow down to you.

You’re a mistress of ice,

A cold outer shell,

But I know that you’re warm on the inside.


But I can’t tell you.

I try to speak, and no words come out.

I open my mouth, and all they see

Are the two rows of white teeth

Just before a mangled open wound,

A lack of a tongue.


I look fine on the outside,

But whenever people look at me

All they think is, How tragic,

Such a handsome young man spoiled

By muteness.


And my world is filled with you.

And the dreams that dance

Through my head at night are all you,

Your hair your smile your eyes your smell.

And then I awaken, and you leave me,

And I cannot speak, and all people see

Is the place where my tongue should be,

But is not.


One day, you went missing.

And darkness came to the kingdom,

And I felt numb inside.


I will find you.


I will save you.


I will don the clothes of hero’s green,

Take up sword and shield,

Arm myself against the dangers of the world,

And I will not rest

Until I find you.


And I will not sleep

Until I find the courage to say

The words you can say

Without saying,

Without a tongue.

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