Creative Writing Wednesday: “The Paladin’s Lament” and “Alithíriel”

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Creative Writing Wednesday
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Okay. I said I would share some of my writing on this blog eventually. In this case, “eventually” meant “four days”. I can use words however I want to. It’s my right.

Anyway, welcome to Creative Writing Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I’m going to be sharing some of my writing with you guys. Today, to start off the category, here are two poems.

I enjoy poetry. I write poetry as a kind of verbal weightlifting: since writers who write a lot of poetry tend to have a tight grasp on their language, I figured I’d write poems as a way to tighten my sentence structure and to make my verbiage more succinct. It’s a hobby– most of the poetry I write is written solely for me and me alone. For one thing, it’s nearly impossible to make money as a poet, so I don’t expect to publish my poetry ever. For another thing, most of my poems are fantasy- and gaming-related, which is a bit of a niche audience even within the niche audience of poetry fans. For a third and final thing, my poetry isn’t really all that good.

That being said, I do like writing poetry. So here are two poems. The first is about an ancient, weary paladin who wants to lay down his burdens forever. The second is about a teenage boy who falls in love with an illustration in his D&D manual. I like these two well enough, but hey– in six months I’ll probably hate them.

On that note, here you go!


The Paladin’s Lament

I’ve walked through the valley

of shadow and death

I’ve wandered through forests

cold under the sky

I’ve passed through green fields

of barley and rye

When can I stop running

to catch my lost breath?


Across foamy oceans

I’ve taken my quest

No pillow for my head

But hard stones and briars

And over my head there are

nothing but stars

How long must I wander?

When can I rest?


The dawns’s light bursts over

the valleys and glades

The sky lights in glory

The heavens are still

I stand and I watch the light

break o’er the hill

And with my good right hand

I finger my blade


The world is all silent

from mountainside steep

To the caverns’ deepest

foundations of stone

And I must go on now

forever alone

When can I stop, lord?

When can I sleep?



In olden times there was a maid

A golden-headed maiden fair

Who wore a low-cut chainmail bra

Upon her smooth white skin so bare

And how I yearned and pined for her

The fierce expression on her face

Longing for her fiery stare

And the hard crush of her embrace


A princess of prodigious strength

And a charisma of 18

Her breasts were perfect globes so round

Her hair was like a golden stream

And though her wisdom wasn’t great

Her DEX it barely did suffice

Her eyes were orbs like sapphire moons

Her legs the gates to paradise


A warrior queen, a stormy wench

A star that gave the heavens light

A steel-bikini’d eladrin

Who stormed the gates of Evernyghte

A dire wolf, a jungle cat

A spear-maid trained in the deadly arts

A goddess trapped in mortal form

She nailed a crit on my aching heart


My love’s entombed on the printed page

Above Chart 22-4b

My epic-level secret shame

Why is it no one else can see?

I’d brave the fires of Baator’s hells

I’d weather storm and fire and snow

We’d be together, you and me

Just please don’t let my parents know


Thanks for reading. I’ll have more writings for you next Wednesday.

~ Ian


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